Screenwriter David Melkevik received most of his early training from the Cobra Kai Dojo but was expelled after failing to win a prestigious local karate tournament. Worse was to follow as that Christmas, he was left home alone by his parents and forced to protect his house from burglars. This event led to David being detained in a mental institution where he would inspire the other patients to rebel against authority and also come home at Halloween…

On release David embarked on a career as a physiotherapist – sadly it was cut tragically short after he gave a foot-massage to the wife of Marsellus Wallace. However despite being in a wheel chair, David successfully opened a school for gifted youngsters, solved a murder from his rear window, helped some ten feet tall blue aliens defend their planet against a ruthless mining corporation and came up with a theory of everything. He now divides his time between Cardiff and his static caravan in Wakanda.

David has also written material for BBC radio and his award-wining short film script, Fetch, was made by BBC Wales.

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